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Apper and AWS have put together the Startup On The Cloud program to help drive a startup’s growth and stability.

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Apper is an APN Consulting Partner Select Tier

What’s in it for Startups?



  • Exclusive, discounted rates for AWS cloud consulting and implementation (includes Well-architected reviews, Cloud migration, DevOps implementation)
  • Bonus coaching (training) programs and sessions care-of Apper and AWS
  • Possible sponsoring of cloud billing credits for POC** depending on the project and projected AWS costs
  • Dedicated case study and press release after project’s success


  • Managed cloud infrastructure and AWS account
  • AWS subscription (up to USD 500/month)
  • Weekly Solutions Architecture session
  • Implementation services for compute, database, and CI/CD (AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS CodePipeline)
  • Fixed Monthly Rate of Php 50,000

What we’ve done for our clients

The benefits gained from this migration transcended past the sales aspect of Zagana’s business. On the technological side, speed development has cut down deployment time by almost 50%. This helped the tech team focus on the core functions of their business and product enhancement to provide optimal customer experience. It impacted all other channels aside from the website since the decreased deployment time enabled developers to focus more on conceptualizing the latest releases and updates that will enhance customer engagement. Read more
When BeautyMnl first approached Apper, their primary goal was to optimize and scale. But they saw other opportunities to take these optimizations to the next level, such as preparing for seasonal demand. For peak or sale seasons, they wanted to be ready for the increase in transactions and users, and ultimately, reduce friction in the user experience. They also needed to reduce downtime as well as the time it took to release new features. Read more

Partners & Clientele

Cloud Architecture and Migration

Cloud Architecture and Migration

We understand that managing workloads in the cloud is an intimidating task for most businesses. We don’t just help our partners migrate and manage workloads in the cloud, but we also help design, architect, build workloads and applications on it.


The benefits of cloud computing are compelling, but what if your team doesn’t have the expertise to build on top of cloud infra? Our team can empower your developers to respond to your immediate business needs and help you eliminate the latency which has existed for years, making your systems and departments more agile and efficient through automation.

Implementation Services

Implementation Services

It’s important you have a certified and capable cloud expert working alongside your tech team, so you execute your implementation properly and efficiently, without wasting precious man hours or resources. Our team will work behind the scenes to ensure that your cloud infra is well-architected, and performing at optimal efficiency. Leave implementation of cloud services to us so you can focus more on what matters to your business.

Cloud Security

Business agility and performance goes hand in hand with security and is a vital part of any company’s success. Whether our team is helping you manage and migrate your system, or working hand in hand with your team as your cloud consultant, we ensure your data and technology is secure, following global security standards.

Machine Leaning and Data Analytics

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Machine learning has various practical uses to make your processes more efficient. From KYC automation to fraud detection, personalized recommendation and re-marketing techniques, we’ve got you covered! Let’s talk more on how we can help maximize your data, and create automation or personalization tools for your business!

Business Continuity

Do not let the uncertainties of the present hinder you from unlocking your full potential. Ensuring that your technology moves quickly and consistently even in times of crisis, is our team’s promise to you.

Business Continuity
Cloud Disaster and Recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery

It is imperative that your business continues to thrive no matter the circumstance. Data loss, and downtime result in loss of revenue. We help keep these events from happening, ensuring you have optimal productivity while protecting your brand reputation as well.

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