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AWS CloudFormation helps your infrastructure to be Operationally Excellent

Traditionally, infrastructure administrators have done resource provisioning by hand. Manual methods have a number of drawbacks, including:

  • They are more expensive because they need human resources that may otherwise be used for more critical corporate purposes.
  • Human error causes inconsistency, resulting in deviations from configuration standards.
  • Limiting the speed at which your business can release new versions of services in response to client requests and market factors results in a lack of agility.
  • Due to the lack of repeatable processes, it is difficult to achieve and maintain compliance with corporate or industry standards.

AWS CloudFormation addresses these shortcomings by automating the provisioning process. Rather than relying on manual steps, administrators and developers can use template files to instantiate infrastructure. These files can be used to generate a collection of artifacts, such as the compute, storage, network, and application services that comprise an operating environment. Through automation, AWS CloudFormation eliminates configuration drift, increasing the speed and agility of infrastructure deployments.

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